Casa Balthazar

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The House

Located downtown Lisbon, in Chiado, Casa Balthazar is part of the city’s history.

Balthazar, the founder of the famous Confeitaria Nacional (the oldest pastry in Lisbon), acquired this beautiful property in August 1882. The house, with wonderful views to the castle and Rossio, still belongs to the family. The old factory, where all the cookies were produced to Confeitaria Nacional, including the famous “pastel de nata” and many other old recipies, became a restaurant.

The family atmosphere can be felt in the living rooms and rooms which provides comfort and a unique experience.

Come learn more about Lisbon and you’ll have a surprise.

Fall in love with the charm of Casa Balthazar when visiting our beautiful city of Lisbon.
Confeitaria Nacional River Cruise
Casa Balthazar gives you a 50% discount on the Confeitaria Nacional River Cruise - a boat cruising through Lisbon
Confeitaria Nacional
Casa Balthazar breakfast is every morning supplied by Confeitaria Nacional (the oldest and traditional Confectionery of Lisbon).

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